EGYC Hornpipe/Haglund and UTE bowl


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The Hornpipe and Hagglund races are a time honored tradition at EGYC and we want to do all we can to boost participation. With that in mind we will be putting up a separate registration link for anyone that just wishes to participate in the Hornpipe / Hagglund

If you register for Wednesday night racing then your already good to go for the Ute Bowl and we will expect to see you out there!

One of the big reasons we are starting this new event is to create more opportunities and have more involvement at our club for younger people. Just like the New England Patriots are always looking to “make their roster younger” so is EGYC. With that said we are putting out the call for boat owners to help this effort and participate in the Ute Bowl. Please, don’t make us have to shame you into doing this race.

The “Ute” skipper does not have to be a member.
If you don’t have a “Ute” we will find you one capable of winning it.
A “Ute” has not had their 25th birthday prior to August 5th
There will be a spinnaker and a non-spinnaker class for the Ute Bowl.
We will have a trophy presentation at the club post racing.
If you still need clarification on “whats a ute” Click Here

If you know a boat owner that does not race the EGYC summer series let them know about the event. We will have a separate registration for those just doing the Ute Bowl.

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